Cherry Vong

HIYA! ✌️

I’m Cherry Vong. A UX Designer at Bank of Montreal. Formerly at Thomson Reuters and Manulife Financial

My hours are spent as a UX designer on BMO’s Digital Acceleration Team crafting experiences for BMO bank products. My latest work was the fully designed complete native, version 2.0 of the Android Manulife Bank Mobile Application. In my spare time find and cook my favourite recipes, shoot photos for my sister’s baking (and then eat her food), and practice on illustrations.

My strongest skills lie in the beginning of a design sprint where I map out the problem and identify the opportunities for design to thrive in. Through my marketing and UX design work experiences, I excel in user research, user interaction design, prototyping, user testing, and pitching. I have a huge passion for hackathons where I apply design and technology to tackle real-life problems. 


You do wha-?

Half the time outside of my work hours I explain what I do at my job to my friends and family who are not in tech. 

Here, I break down what I do and why I love it:



Empathizing with users lets me understand their motives, behaviours and goals to identify the core problem through storytelling



The visual ideation phase is my favourite part of the design sprint because design unifies human centered user experience with charm and fun



I am experienced in interpreting user behaviours and implementing feedback to enhance current products


My interest in many different fields helps with my curiosity to create original and individualistic ideas



My focus in the design process strips away distractions to bring users to a stream lined solution



I strive to design products that fit seamlessly into the user's life


Let's chat more over coffee or tea!

Check out my CV. Hit me up on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Email.

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